New antibodies for Long-Covid patients

CellTrend offers new antibodies for Long-Covid patients. The PAR1 (thrombin receptor) antibody as a biomarker for thrombotic events (embolism, stroke, myocardial infarction), antibodies against the chemokine receptor CXCR3 and antibodies against the scavenger protein STABILIN-1 as risk parameters for cardiac events. These 3 new biomarkers are now available on our request form!

study identifies new autoantibodies as potential biomarkers for COVID-19 severity

The article about autoantibodies targeting GPCRs and RAS-related molecules associate with COVID-19 severity is published. In this new study of 246 individuals the IgG autoantibodies against 14 different GPCRs were detected with CellTrend kits. The production of these autoantibodies is deregulated in COVID-19. Patients with moderate and severe disease have higher levels of autoantibodies than…

CellTrend donates for refugees from Ukraine

We also support the people from Ukraine affected by the war with a donation to the Evangelisches Jugend- und Fürsorgewerk! The EJF mobilizes numerous own locations for the accommodation of people fleeing from the war in Ukraine. Donations are e. g. needed, to equip the facilities with new furniture, hygiene articles and children’s toys. You…

weekly POTS, CFS/ME, CRPS, SFN diagnostic

Due to the high demand, POTS, CFS/ME, CRPS, SFN diagnostics are currently carried out weekly. Your submitted sample will therefore be processed within one week. Please send us your sample with the completed request form (important: email address and signature). For guide of blood preparation, please click here! Thanks in advance!