CellTrend offers a variety of in-vitro assays applicable for the investigation of efficacy and functional mechanisms of drug action as well as for the analytical screening of biological samples. Our expertise extends on miscellaneous points of interest with respect to drug discovery, development and preclinical assessment of compounds for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Our test protocols have been validated on the basis of high quality standards. High reproducibility, high sample throughput, and strong evidence for a good in-vitro/in-vivo  correlation characterize them. CellTrend is using cells from our cell bank and we are using freshly isolated cells such as endothelial cells and leukocyctes. We are committed to continually refining and improving our test models for further applications and to meeting our customer’s needs.


  • Proliferation-Assays (NCI60 Screening, Proliferation Zellkultur Datenblatt eng.pdf)
  • Apoptosis-Assays (Apoptosis Immun Datenblatt eng 2002-08.pdf)
  • Angiogenesis-Assays (Tube Formation, Endothelzell-Migration, Endothelzell-Proliferation, Angiogenese Datenblatt engl 2001-12.pdf)
  • Metastasis-Assays (Metastasierung Datenblatt eng.pdf)