The successful development and application of new drugs is increasingly tied to the latest progress in biotechnology and biochemistry. CellTrend enables its customers to capitalize on the synergies between pharmacy and biochemistry/biotechnology. Our experienced research and management team brings together a broad base of knowledge in modern biochemistry and clinical pharmacy. The team consists of pharmacists and medical doctors who are very familiar with the requirements involved in the development and application of medicinal drugs.

CellTrend offers the following technologies and services:

Cell culture systems for research on active substances (Bioassays)
Development and production of antibody-based detection systems
Individual pharmacotherapy (outsourced in the Center of molecular Oncology)

In vitro cultivation of eukaryotic cells is an ideal compromise between controversial animal experiments and simple test systems using only single biological components like enzymes. Cell cultures are increasingly used in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries as a cost effective and reliable method to evaluate toxicity and efficacy in the development of new active agents.

CellTrend offers techniques and equipment for cell culture testing. Our main focus is on complex functional tests (e.g. angiogenesis, cell migration, NCI60 screening, immune cell func­tions, cytokine secretion). Study designs as well as the test systems themselves are individually adapted to customers needs.

Furthermore, CellTrend develops, produces, and distributes Immuno-Assays e.g. ELISAs (enzyme linked immuno sorbend assay) which is a quick and sensitive analytical method that is characterized by specific binding of antibodies to analytes. Various validated diagnostic and research test kits are available. If required, samples are analysed in CellTrend laboratories. We also offer to develop new ELISAs for your analytes.

In 2006 CellTrend developed the ELISA for the determination of Auto-Antibodies against the Angiotensin-II-Receptor-I. The assay is patented worldwide (European patent number 1393076). The assay is validated according the Guidance for Industry: Bioanalytical Method Validation, US FDA May 2001.

Quality management system
CellTrend is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 (medical devices), and ISO 13485:2003 CMDR (Canada Medical Devices Regulation). Our Total Quality Management affects all processes and has been developed to fulfill our customers’ needs. Our personnel are extensively knowledged and practically trained. We strictly adhere to the rules of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice, FDA).