Dr. Harald Heidecke | E-Mail: heidecke@celltrend.de

Dr. Harald Heidecke

Dr. Harald Heidecke, PhD, studied Chemistry at the Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg and Pharmacy at the Free University Berlin. He wrote his PhD thesis in pharmaceutical biochemistry at the Free University Berlin. In 1998 he founded the CellTrend GmbH and is this then the owner and chief executive officer (CEO) of CellTrend. The main focus of CellTrend is the determination of antibodies against G-Protein-Coupled-Receptors (GPCR). CellTrend has a Quality managment system. CellTrend is strictly adhere to the rules of Good Manufacture Practice (GMP, FDA).

Harald Heidecke is the inventor of sixteen patents and has published 36 articles in peer-reviewed journals.


Prof. Dr. Kai Schulze-Forster | E-Mail: schufo@celltrend.de

Prof. Dr. Schulze-Forster

Prof. Dr. Kai Schulze-Forster (PhD) studied Pharmacy at the Free University Berlin. He wrote his PhD thesis in molecular genetics at the Robert-Koch-Institut in Berlin. In 1998 he founded the biotech company CellTrend GmbH together with Harald Heidecke. He is qualified as QP (Qualified Person) according to the German drug law and is teaching at the University for Applied Sciences Wildau. In June 2019 he was awarded the title “Professor” by the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Wildau.

Prof. Dr. Kai Schulze-Forster is the inventor of several patents and has published many articles in peer-reviewed journals.