A new study about severity of neurological Long-COVID symptoms and their correlation with the increased level of autoantibodies was published. In Table 1 you can have a look at the 200 individuals which were recruited and put into 3 groups. One group with 72 patients were diagnosed with Long-COVID, second group with 58 patients had been infected by SARS-CoV-2 without persisting symptoms (COVID) and the third group is a control group with 70 patients (No COVID).

The results of this study showed that the concentrations of evaluated autoantibodies (Angiotensin-1, Beta-1, Beta-2, Endothelin, Muscarinergic Choline Receptor 3 and 4) were significant higher in the Long-COVID group. Furthermore the concentrations of the autoantibodies correlates to the intensity of neurological disorders like fatigue and attention.


Here you will find more information about this study.